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For your convenience and to help keep you running smoothly, we have compiled the following popular forms and links.

   Client Resource Center 

New Employee Forms

When Massachusetts employers are hiring a new employee, a W-4 and I-9 (below) must be filled out, signed, and dated by the employee. All originals should be kept on file by the employer in a safe and secure area. 

In addition the employer should complete an Employee Maintenance form and submit to us prior to or along with your next scheduled payroll.

When an employee requests Direct Deposit Service have them fill out the form above. Please submit to Eagle Payroll prior to or along with your next scheduled payroll. 

Interested in adding new services to your existing payroll?

Give us a call 1-978-858-0335 for more information or just complete the applicable forms below and submit to

Need To Make a Change to your Current Services?

Just complete the appropriate forms  and submit to

Time & Attendance Logins:

File Guardian Logins:

Secure File Transfer
New to Eagle?

Below are the company level forms to be completed and submitted prior to your 
first payroll with us.

Once the new client setup forms have been completed, submit to 
or simply drop off at our Tewksbury, MA office.

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