We have been a licensee of our payroll software provider since 1996.  Their platform and support have served us well over the years.  Late in 2018, we were notified our software was beginning to reach its end of life, and after April of 2020, will no longer be supported. At that time, we began to research newer more modern and sophisticated platforms and chose an outstanding industry leader as our new payroll software provider.  

The new SAAS software platform we chose offers payroll service bureaus the most advanced levels of security available in the payroll industry today.  Our highest priority is to keep your information safe and secure. It is a fully integrated payroll, HR, and tax management product, allowing us to provide your company with a full spectrum of payroll and HR products.

We began moving groups of clients over to our new platform in early 2019 and are now in the process of moving your company and employee information. Soon you will notice your payroll checks and reports will have a new look. The reports are clear and easy to read but will take a few moments to become familiar with.

We have included sample reports containing helpful tips to assist you in getting familiar with the new layout. Although the look will be different, the exceptionally high level of customer service along with the low prices you have come to know will not change due to our software upgrade.

We should also mention the payroll industry has been evolving, making electronic “paperless” payroll widely available and used by many companies. Each client now has the ability to be completely paperless, utilizing a combination of direct deposit service and/or free employee pay-cards (debit cards) for the unbanked. We can securely send you electronic payroll reports, and securely email employee stubs direct to employees, or your company can utilize our online employee self-service platform. If you have interest in eliminating or trimming down the amount of paper received each payroll or would like to know more about the potential cost savings and convenience benefits of being paperless or partially paperless, please contact us. We will custom tailor your service to meet your needs!  We thank you for your business and ongoing support as we continue to offer superior products along with great service.  We are grateful to have you as a client!


Please contact us with your questions or comments regarding our new look.