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Worker's Comp Insurance

We make mandatory Worker’s Compensation Insurance Simple and cost-effective with our 
"PAY AS YOU GO" Program.

  • No up-front premiums to pay

  • No Large Monthly Payments

  • Improved cash flow management

  • Accurate premium calculations based on actual payroll each pay period, eliminating the need for Policy Audits 

  • Insurance provided by The Hartford, E-Comp, Insurelinx and other major carriers. 

Supplemental Insurance

Aflac offers a wide variety of supplemental insurance plans. Short and Long Term Disability Plans, Cancer Indemnity Plans, Dental Plans, Life Insurance Plans, and many more. Click on the icon above to see the many services available to you and your employees. You can also meet with one of our AFLAC representatives, have your employees select the insurance coverage they desire and we will handle the rest. All employee deductions and corresponding payments will be made by us with each payroll on your behalf.

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Payroll tax savings

 Employers will save approximately 8% on every dollar a qualified employee sets aside to budget for their flex plan.  Many employers are passing along a portion of healthcare premiums to employees. A flex plan can be implemented so that it will lessen the impact on your employees. Administrative costs are tax deductible.  Employee premiums can also be collected using pre-tax payroll deductions. 

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