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Paperless Payroll

Do you have unnecessary paper clutter taking up valuable office space?
Choosing our "Paperless" Payroll feature can reduce up to 100% of payroll related paper usage and eliminates shipping costs, so you can feel good about going green while saving some green. Our Paperless Payroll Packages are inherently much more secure than paper, have a much faster turn-around time, and can be customized to fit your exact needs.  A "Hybrid" partially Paperless Payroll solution is also available. If you have interest in learning more, please contact us.

Online Payroll Entry


With our online platform you can take your payroll into your own hands, having the flexibility to enter your payroll when it is most convenient for you.

Employee Direct Deposit Service

Your employees' net pay is deposited into their personal bank accounts. You can also save paper by choosing to be completely paperless.

Electronic Payroll

Reports Delivery

Your Payroll reports will be securely emailed to you   via encrypted email.  eliminating shipping costs and unnecessary paper waste.

Electronic Check Stub Delivery

Employee check stubs are securely emailed to you or an employee's personal email address. Employees can view/print their stubs. 

Start Going Green with Paperless Payroll

Let's Save the Earth One Tree at a Time!

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