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Does the implementation of the  new Affordable Care Act have you overwhelmed and confused?

We know how stressful new regulations can be on business owners, and how time consuming it can be to try to stay ahead  of all the new rules and deadlines, this is why we have put together a one-stop-shop for our clients with up to date news and resources to help keep you in compliance with all the ACA requirements.

 Eagle now offers an optional ACA Comply software platform that will assist you in complying with ACA rules and will file the appropriate IRS year-end forms for you.

Check Out What's New With The Affordable Care Act Today!

Paid Time Off Plans 

Whether your looking to give your employees a few days of sick and vacation time to use or setup a complex tiered accrual plan, we can guide you through all the options so you can decide what services fit your company's needs.

Please contact us today 
to customize a plan for your company.

Website Links Every Business Owner Should Have Handy

FREE Employee Handbooks and Labor Law Posters

To design and produce your own employer handbook and to access and print various mandatory labor law posters, please follow the links below:

Microsoft provides 
FREE employee handbook templates, the template below is a very detailed handbook that you can customize to fit your specific needs.

We have also put together links where you can find FREE Mandatory Labor Law Posters for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and New York.

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